For the first time, DonJoy® expands its line of bracing and cold therapy to youth through the Marvel brand.  Marvel Heroes help protect us when we need it most, providing powerful aid during life’s challenging times.  Every year, a lot of children are affected with sport-related injuries, and this new collection helps address the need for youth injury relief, with seven unique products that feature Marvel’s signature characters.


The Marvel collection includes key products:

  • Elastic Knee Sleeve – Lightweight knit sleeve designed to provide compression and mild support
  • Comfort Wrist Brace- Foam-lined with removable aluminum palmar stay for added support
  • Figure-8 Ankle Support- Compressive sleeve and wrap design helps with stability
  • Youth Arm Sling- Lightweight envelope and strap release clip designed for easy application
  • Reusable Cold Pack- Flexible pack helps to provide soothing relief to pain and swelling

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